Lyric Videos

The lyric videos are an attempt to present the words of the songs in a way that is more fun than just watching words scroll up the screen! It is possible that these videos may look a little “hokey” —kind of corny—but hopefully “hokey” in a good way.

I (a person who is not very tech savvy!) put them together on a computer that is rather old and out of date. The computer is no longer connected to the internet, but we keep it because it is the last computer we have that has the old version of Media Maker installed—the version that allows me to create this kind of video. We have a newer version of Media Maker on our laptop, but that version doesn’t allow quite the same amount of detail to be included in the video.

For a whole lot of reasons, it took me a long time to put each of these videos together. But, I’m sure you know, sometimes a person just gets a whole lot of satisfaction out of doing something that one feels strongly about (and in this situation, that’s me.) That is especially true, if one is doing it for someone that person feels is important (and in this situation, that’s YOU.)

Watch these in the spirit they were created! From me to you—so you can “see” the songs while you hear them!


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