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Larger Than One’s Self

Sometimes it is good to be part of something larger than one’s self. It can give a feeling of purpose, a feeling of being part of making a difference. Any time you help someone else–you show kindness to someone else–you are being part of something larger than yourself. It can give you that feeling of…
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My Letter to You

To the Teens of the World,  When I graduated from high school, I gave a speech at my graduation ceremony.  The topic I chose was “Decisions.”  I have lived my whole life with the conviction that YOU are important, YOUR FUTURE is important, and YOU need to feel that right down to your bones. Whether you feel that…
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The Evolution of the Logo

When I first started considering a website, after I had already written a song or two that had been met with a positive response, I wanted to name that website with a play on words that would represent my ultimate goal.  I figured using a play on words was a popular thing to do—it was…
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